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Managing Subscription Users

In Archipeg, you can invite your colleagues and teammates to work together on digital architecture initiatives. As a result, everybody sees the same data, enriches it, and collaborates to define a singular vision.

To start managing your subscription users, sign in to Archipeg and choose the "Users" navigation link. Note that this module is only accessible to subscription administrators.

List of Users

When you access the users' module, you will see a list of users who can access your subscription. The list has four columns:

  1. User - the name of the user that they entered when accepting the invitation to your subscription. If the invitation is not yet accepted, you will see a "<invitation pending>" message instead.
  2. Email - email address that you entered when inviting the user to your subscription. At this address, we send an invitation email with the unique link to accept it.
  3. Role - is a choice between "User" and "Admin." Users can participate in all regular activities such as project creation, defining objects and associations, etc. Admin has all the common rights, and in addition, they grant or revoke users' access to the subscription and view billing information.
  4. The last column displays a "Remove" action button that allows you to withdraw a specific user's access from your subscription.

Inviting a User

To invite a user to your subscription, click on the "Invite" button above the users' list. This action will bring up an invitation popup window to enter an email address and a role. Both these bits of information were explained when we spoke about the List of Users above.

Once you fill out the form, hit "Send Invite" to close the window and send the invitation to the specified email address. Until the invitee accepts your invitation, the corresponding row will display the pending status in the list.

Changing User's Role

If you wish to change a specific user's role within your subscription, select the clickable role name under the "Role" column in the users' list. You will see the window where you can change the role of the selected user. Hit "Done" when you are satisfied with your selection, and the changes will take effect immediately.

Revoking User's Access

If you wish to disallow the user's access to your subscription, click on the "Remove" link next to the respective user's name and email. Once you provide your confirmation, the user will disappear from the list of your users. You can revoke the access for both pending and accepted invitations.

Note that this change does not take effect immediately if the user is currently signed into Archipeg. It may take up to 24 hours before the user is automatically logged out of the system. However, if the user is not currently logged into Archipeg, they will not be allowed to sign in, effective immediately.

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