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We understand that Archipeg web app might come with a learning curve for some, or there may be things with which you need our help. Here are the ways to get help, support, and guidance on Archipeg. Before trying the below options, we also suggest that you look through topics in the learning center. We keep adding articles that we think are useful to Archipeg users.

In-App Help in Archipeg Web App

Within Archipeg web app interface, in the top right corner, on the left of the sign out button, locate a "Help" toggle. When you turn it on, you will notice that small question mark icons () appear next to some elements on the screen. You can click on those icons to see helpful hints, descriptions, and guidance of the respective screen elements.

Live Support

If you need live support, you can find a live chat button on the Archipeg website in the bottom right corner. When an agent is online, you will notice a green status icon. If that is not the case, you can still leave us a message using that same window, and we will get back to you when we are back online.

Note that, for security purposes, an agent might ask you to confirm your email address by providing a verification code that they sent to you during the conversation.

We work in U.S. Eastern time (EST) zone.

Offline Support

Another way to request help is to send an email with your request to To save your valuable time, please send the email from the address tied to your account in Archipeg.

Response Time

Our typical response time is within one business day.

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