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Compelling diagrams in a few clicks

If you've captured the data, why is it so hard to present it to others? Beautiful, data-driven diagrams are a few clicks away! With archipeg, you can create compelling narratives right out of your architecture assets.

Capture your thoughts

We've integrated our flagship Graph Explorer with diagrams. Now, you'll never lose your work again!

  • Save a graph explorer view as a diagram.
  • Customize the view to narrate a story.
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg
Share and learn

With diagrams, you can learn from others and provide or seek feedback on your architecture and implementation.

  • Share and present your work with others, or pick up your work from where you stopped.
  • Access diagrams of colleagues and peers to provide feedback and conduct architecture reviews.
Diagram Docs
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg
Present with confidence

Truly data-driven diagrams that stay up-to-date as you modify or update your architecture assets.

  • If things change in the object catalog, your diagram gets the updates automatically.
  • Your presentations can rely on a single trustworthy source of truth - your architecture assets.
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg

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