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Getting Started with Archipeg Web App

Archipeg is a cloud-based web application, which runs and works in a web browser. You do not need to download or install anything on your computer. We recommend using the latest version of the modern web browser for maximum effectiveness, such as Google Chrome.

To start using Archipeg web app, navigate to

Sign Up Process

If you are new to Archipeg and want to use it, you need to sign up first. The process is straightforward and minimalistic - you need to provide your name, email and choose the password you will use to sign in later.

You do not need to pick the pricing plan since you will pay as you go for the resources that you use. You can see our pricing-related information and FAQ by clicking here. For the same reason, you will not need a credit card to sign up. When the time comes, you will receive an invoice with the payment options, including credit cards and other methods supported by Stripe. Archipeg will not ask for your payment information, and we do not hold your payment details. We delegate this responsibility to Stripe.

Upon sign up, you will receive an email message that asks to activate your account. This step is necessary to confirm the validity of your email address and that it belongs to you.

After you have activated your account, you can sign into Archipeg web app.

Sign In Process

You can sign into the Archipeg web app by entering the email and password you chose during the sign-up process. After successfully signing in, you will see your subscription dashboard.

If you want to stay signed in, make sure not to sign out before closing your browser. In such a case, when you come back to the Archipeg web app, you will be automatically signed in and taken to the dashboard. We recommend signing out on public or shared computers to avoid others gaining access to your subscription.

About Subscriptions

Subscription in Archipeg is a term that refers to your company or personal account, which is an entry point into projects and administrative functions such as users and invoice settings. In other words, a subscription aggregates all users having access to this subscription and all projects created under this subscription.

Users tied to the subscription have either regular permissions or administrative privileges. With standard permissions, users can access projects and conduct activities related to the Enterprise Architecture domain. With administrative rights, users can invite others to the same subscription, modify invoice settings, or work on projects.

When a new user signs up for a new Archipeg account, they receive administrative privileges automatically. An administrator can designate additional administrators or reassign their rights to others After adding other users to the subscription.


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