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Vision of the Future

  • Make Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture Accessible to Everybody
  • Simplify Knowledge Collection and Sharing
  • Drive Change
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Archipeg is a cloud-based Enterprise Architecture Software (SaaS).
We differentiate ourselves from others by making EA practical and accessible to its practitioners and stakeholders.
Additionally, we believe that Enterprise Architecture delivers the best value when combined with Solution Architecture and other disciplines that govern planning, implementation, and delivery of business, application, and technology solutions.
We are a team of Enterprise and Solution Architects.
Archipeg is a reflection of our belief, experience, and expertise.

Vision Statements
Make Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture Accessible to Everybody

Enterprise Architecture is a powerful process that can deliver tremendous value to everybody in the organization by aligning data, technology, and solution architecture under distinct business needs. However, up until now, it is mostly used by EAs as a tool for documentation and diagrams. Perhaps this narrow usage is why almost nobody in any typical organization can explain what EA is. We want to change this picture by putting Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture's power in everybody's hands instead of encouraging ivory towers. We believe that if we succeed with this task, EA will deliver maximum value to its users.

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Archipeg makes Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture accessible to everybody
Simplify Knowledge Collection and Sharing

Knowledge is a vital asset of any successful organization, making its collection and sharing a mission-critical operation. Enterprise Architecture, among other uses, serves as an information repository too. We want to take this idea one step further and simplify how you find, capture, and share insights with your peers. With the right knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your enterprise's current or future state.

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Archipeg aims to simplify knowledge collection and sharing
Drive Change

Organizations frequently need to undergo changes to improve business outcomes or optimize value creation and delivery. For a transformation to be successful, it is vital to plan and execute its stages properly. Enterprise Architecture has all the necessary theory, and with Archipeg, we will make these concepts as practical as it takes to help you succeed with changes. We believe our approach can aid in achieving the desired results for your business and technology solutions.

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Archipeg is an Enterprise Architecture tool to drive change

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