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Knowledge barriers dissolved

Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture assets are the critical decision-making inputs for modern, digital organizations. It is time to leverage this wealth of information by making sense of it.

Reuse catalog

We have integrated our Object Catalog into Graph Explorer.

  • Capture your architecture assets once, analyze from multiple angles.
  • Drag-and-drop an object to get started in no time.
Leverage your existing object catalog when analyzing your architecture assets
Identify impact

Traversing a graph of knowledge, assets, or dependent data elements has never been easier!

  • Expand object associations to see all related elements, automatically.
  • Or drag an object onto the explorer and see its associations show up, automatically.
Graph Explorer Docs
Traverse object graph visually via expanding object associations
Focus on essential

The flexible user interface allows hiding redundant elements so that you can focus on what matters.

  • Remove objects and associations outside of your research focus, or re-add them when you need them.
  • Choose how you want to see associations - forward-going, backward-looking, or two-way.
Customize graph explorer diagram to keep only essential elements on the screen

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