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Simplify Knowledge Collection and Sharing

Knowledge is the most critical asset of an organization. With the right data at hand, individuals can make informed decisions about enterprises' current and future state.

Did you know that Enterprise Architecture can be the repository of all the necessary knowledge for making strategically vital decisions?

Collect Valuable Information with Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is about analyzing the data and structures within organizations for driving changes. However, insufficient knowledge can hinder this objective as, without data, our insight turns into a mere opinion. This precaution is why it is imperative to collect knowledge and do so in an efficient manner.

Historically, Enterprise Architecture captured a narrow set of knowledge that helped make specific organizational changes. Such an approach might seem efficient, but it requires thorough planning and a clear understanding of the final result. In today's constantly changing world, it is hard to know the future state as the companies frequently pivot to optimize existing or discover new revenue-generating opportunities.

On the other hand, due to the limited access to Enterprise Architecture, it was never possible to capture a large area of knowledge covering an organization and to make it useful in practice.

Knowing the challenges mentioned above, how can we balance the collected knowledge's quality and quantity for operational efficiency and digital transformation?

We think that the structured, exhausting knowledge repository describing the entire enterprise is the answer. It is not a hard task if you recall that we are making enterprise and solution architecture accessible to every member of the organization.

Archipeg is an efficient, simple tool for capturing knowledge. When you give such an instrument to everybody in an organization, in no time, you have the knowledge and expertise combined for making informed decisions in all areas of business and technology solutions.

Leverage Knowledge Repository of Enterprise Architecture

A large volume of knowledge is available in many cases, but it is still challenging to make decisions that increase the value or improve operational efficiency. The problem lies behind the siloed decision-making processes, which are unavoidable without access to opinions and global input. Yet again, we seem to have the data, but we lack informed decisions!

Enterprise Architecture knowledge repository, combined with the access to the entire organization's brainpower, is the missing bridge between the data and decision-making.

If you give the right toolset to people, they will find ways to share the necessary information, enabling and empowering them to drive successful transformations.

We build Archipeg to help you collect, structure, and share knowledge for optimal decisions that lead you toward the desired future.

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