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Drive Change

Organizations go through various changes at all times, at times to improve operational efficiency, while in other cases, to pivot and discover a revenue-generating value stream. Under such volatile conditions, enterprises depend on the change execution's success, so they must have proper processes and tools to support transformation.

This article covers how Enterprise Architecture can guide organizational changes and how our vision for Archipeg plays a vital role in this area.

From Knowledge to Decision-making

We frequently brainstorm about the current and future state of Enterprise Architecture as a discipline to identify gaps and deliver positive outcomes. As a result of this exercise, we have decided to make our mission to give EA's power to everybody and simplify knowledge collection and sharing.

If we achieve these objectives, we know that we have opened the door for yet another exciting opportunity for organizations and EA practitioners - making informed decisions.

Indeed, global access to disciplines and knowledge is the vital prerequisite for practical analysis of the current state and forming a bright future vision. The rest is about deciding to move forward and improve business outcomes. Without the prerequisite mentioned above, Enterprise Architecture becomes a powerless exercise, which is the typical case today. We want to close this gap.

We see Archipeg at the core of these positive movements. Its core values empower stakeholders and practitioners to access Enterprise and Solution Architecture and the exhausting knowledge repository about an organization.

From Decision-making to Change Execution

Informed and effective decision-making is a delightful milestone for Enterprise Architecture's stakeholders and practitioners. However, the changes' actual execution is another critical function that can stamp the previous efforts as a success or failure. For this reason, we could not disregard the topic of driving transformation initiatives when establishing our vision of the Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture.

What are decisions without executing them? Organizations require informed choices to succeed in their implementation. When we looked at the Enterprise Architecture's current state, we saw that the change planning and execution are out of the scope in many cases. This shortage turns Enterprise Architecture into an exercise that is about theory without practical positive outcomes. It is a problem that the EA was supposed to solve from the very beginning. We acknowledge the gap, and we plan to fix it.

In Archipeg's long-term vision, change is a first-level concept. We want to help you plan and execute change initiatives to improve business outcomes!

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