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With Archipeg, you can...

Connect technology with business

In today's digital world, businesses depend on technology. Knowledge of existing systems and integrations is necessary to understand how the organization functions. Archipeg helps cross-functional, technology-driven organizations connect the two worlds and make informed decisions.

Align IT and business | Architecture for everybody | Analyze architecture | Prices that let you grow

Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg

Collect and share knowledge at scale

Architecture knowledge collection is no more a single person's job! Archipeg lets everybody contribute to the single source of truth. Multiple projects and curated metamodels support parallel workstreams. Data-driven, always up-to-date diagrams make architecture reviews, feedback loops, teamwork, and collaboration a reality.

Integrate architectures | Capture knwoledge | Centralize knowledge | Curated metamodels | Data-driven diagrams

Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg

Derive insights, make decisions

With Archipeg, you have the power of a centralized knowledge repository for the most educated decision-making. Analyze how your architecture aligns with the business; sunset legacy applications gracefully; break horizontal silos across the architecture and technical teams. The possibilities are endless.

Data analyzer | Optimize tech spend | Sunset legacy | Master the change | Use cases

Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg


Archipeg supports all approaches a modern, digital enterprise will need.

All metamodels

We combined Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture elements to create a tool that can unite organizations under a singular vision, flow of knowledge, and drive for change.

Use cases

Optimize Technology Investments

Analyze and optimize your technology investment and reinvestment based on strategy.

Align IT Solutions with Business Capabilities

Form a composable enterprise and rationalize IT systems to deliver on business objectives.

Sunset Legacy Applications Gracefully

Uncover conflicts of interest, impacts, or implementation gaps hidden deep in the knowledge graph.

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Customer feedback

Here is what our customers tell us.

Rick A.

VP of Architecture, Banking and Finance

"After switching to Archipeg, our Architect and Engineer engagement increased by 100%. The best tool for teamwork and IT architecture."

Prashanta G.

Enterprise Architect, Infrastructure

"We use Archipeg to document everything we do with Architecture. It works perfectly to present complex ideas to leadership."

Giri D.

Solutions Architect, E-commerce

"I selected Archipeg among several tools. We needed it to be online and well supported. We are going with Archipeg for good."

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Transparent pricing,
Award-winning support.

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