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Manage Projects

Do you work on multiple EA efforts or ideas in parallel? Archipeg has the solution for you!

  • Manage multiple EA projects, all in one place
  • Separate efforts, ideas, initiatives, datasets
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg
Create Objects

Do you struggle to centralize an Enterprise Architecture knowledge repository? Not anymore!

  • View all digital assets via Catalog Designer
  • Create and manage objects describing the company, customers, people, data, applications, and technology
Archipeg aims to simplify knowledge collection and sharing
Define Associations

Do you wish to connect cohesive pieces? We've got associations for that!

  • Connect objects using associations
  • Traverse the knowledge graph of cohesive elements with ease
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Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg

Vision of the Future

Rediscover the True Purpose of EA

Make Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture Accessible to Everybody
Simplify Knowledge Collection and Sharing
Drive Change
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