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Old idea, fresh look

Imagine your entire enterprise assets and intricate knowledge in a centralized, easily accessible information repository, which can align people by capturing and communicating ideas, approaches, processes, and standards.

Manage projects

Do you run multiple EA efforts or teams? Archipeg has the solution for you!

  • Manage multiple EA projects, all in one place.
  • Evolve each initiative or team effort via independent projects.
  • Pick from our curated list of metamodels.
Working with Projects
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg
Catalog objects

Do you struggle to centralize an Enterprise Architecture knowledge repository? Not anymore!

  • View all digital assets via Catalog Designer.
  • Create and manage objects describing the company, customers, people, data, applications, and technology.
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg
Describe objects

Capture details about objects and link them to each other.

  • Connect objects using associations.
  • Describe object characteristics with attributes.
  • Assess objects using Gartner's TIME model.
Catalog Designer Docs
Manage multiple parallel projects in Archipeg

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